As a mother, and grandmother, I have been writing most of my life, and my daughter's and grandchildren have spent many a day watching, learning - by working along with me. I hope to give you some ideas for special time with your children at little or no cost.

Monday, April 5, 2010


No matter one child or ten children you can inspire them with writing and reading. As a poet - writer - speaker with two daughters with children of their own, I have followed a simple, easy way of bringing children up with the love of writing and reading.

From child number one I sat down with a blank note book - (computers weren't even thought of at the time) and began writing stories. (But, I do believe in table sitting and interacting with children, something different these days! Show them the finished product on the computer) At first I began all the stories with a simple opening. The child, or children would add a sentence, and I would write it down, in sequence. After one time around the table I would read it aloud, the excitement they created something began... By the time I had five children sitting around the table, their age difference - only made stories better - and my job of opening a story was left to the oldest.

You will be amazed, a simple idea like opens up imagination, creativity and interest in children regarding writing and reading. A child's friend is always a great addition too.

When they began school, they were writing and reading aloud to their classmates - with little or no fear.

I brought this idea into one of the grade schools in my local area, and was told by a teacher I would not reach certain individuals, and she was certainly surprised to learn, these children - had creativity and willing to share and stood up in front of the class.

So on Easter, as I do all holidays, I stuff notebooks and pens into the baskets, etc. and the writing begins. You wouldn't believe how wonderful it is to see the joy on the faces of children when they are so proud!

Try it, let me know how it worked. I know you too will be surprised, and if you have any ideas to add, please share them. Thanks! There is nothing like a CHILD!

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